All About Me

My name is Todd Boyce and I am a computer animator. I have a BFA in Graphic Communication/Computer Animation and am currently doing visual effects primarily for film and television. I have worked at VisionArt then Industrial Light & Magic and am currently at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

In the three years I was at VisionArt, I did work on Independence Day, Star Trek: First Contact, Jingle All The Way, Godzilla, Men In Black and Virus. Other projects include a La Z Boy talking raccoon commercial, Storm Rider (a simulator ride), Perversions of Science, The Visitor and some work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

I worked on The Mummy for a short while at ILM and am currently working at Sony Pictures Imageworks. So far I have worked on Hollow Man and I am currently working on Spider-Man.

Here are some images from scenes that I have worked on:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager

Independence Day

Star Trek: First Contact

Jingle All The Way

Perversions Of Science

Men In Black

La-Z-Boy "Raccoons"

Pet project