For eons the Spoo have suffered under nearly every race in the universe. Being slaughtered by the millions, little did the spoo ranchers know they were killing highly intelligent beings.

What is most suprising is that the Spoo race is powerfully telepathic though they are only able to communicate with members of their own race. Originally created by the Vorlons as the perfect food, even they did not realize the error in their genetic tampering.

Over a thousand years the Spoo have watched and learned the technologies employed by every race and have been telepathically communicating this information to the only world where they still live free. Though it has taken them a long time, they have constructed a massive fleet and are now ready to strike back!

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Spoo Onri Class Cruiser

The first encounter with the spacefaring Spoo occured at a backwater planet near Thrakallan space. An Onri class cruiser jumped in without warning and destroyed an orbital Spoo processing center and disabled an orbital Spoo ranch. By the time a police force arrived the ranch had disappeared along with the mysterious ship. The only clue to the identity of the attacker was at a farm on the planet below where a rancher was killed by his herd of Spoo. How is still a mystery to the authorities but similar attacks at other ranches occuring simultaneously with appearances by these strange ships points to a connection between the two.

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Spoo Keu'lar Class Heavy Carrier

At each attack, the Spoo somehow anticipate the composition of the defense forces and each time have shown up with an force tailored against them. The appearance of the Keu'lar class heavy carrier was a suprise to the raider forces that were hired to protect a shipment of live Spoo. Overwhelmed by attacking fighters of unknown design, the raiders lost their nerve and disengaged seeing they were outmatched by what was obviously a superior force. After the attack, the raiders found no trace of the ships they had been hired to protect.

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Spoo Sow'da Class Light Fighter

Learning from both the races they have watched and their own experiences with predators' techniques, the Spoo learned small units work best using pack tactics to overwhelm their opponents. Nearly every Spoo ship that carries fighters carries at least one pack of 6 Sow'das.

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Spoo Kow'la Class Medium Fighter

With the success of the Sow'da, the Spoo expanded the design of their basic fighter and created a more durable design. The first ship to carry these fighters, a heavy carrier named the Ko'ca, found the pack assigned to them to be invaluable and eventually formed the first elite fighter force, the Ko'ca Kow'las.

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Spoo Teu'lytar Class Heavy Fighter

Expanding the fighter design yet again, the Spoo's heaviest fighter commonly deployed is the Teu'lytar though only the most recently built carriers are designed to accomodate them. In some sections of space it is rumored that yet a heavier fighter exists called a Thri'lytar but they are not commonly found elsewhere.

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