Telus Battlecruiser

Once the Demos moved into full production, designers were set to work once again. It was believed that the Demos needed a cruiser that could fight along side them. The result was the Telus Battlecruiser.

Unfortunately, politics eventually led to the demise of the design. Though there was no intention of replacing the Primus with the Telus, it was viewed in that light by some of the high ranking members of the Centarum. Nevertheless, at the start there was enough support that the Centarum ordered fifty vessels constructed over the protests of those members.

As the first vessels rolled off the line, the opposition manoeuvered themselves to acquire some of these new ships and perform tests of their own. Emphasizing the Telus's lack of long range weaponry and its inability to maintain formation with the faster and more manoeuverable Demos, the report that was presented to the Centarum reversed their opinion of the design. Production was stopped after thirty-eight were built and efforts were diverted to other designs that were in the works, namely the Dargan and Rutarian.

The Telus has been relegated to border patrol on the outskirts of the Republic and is rarely seen in fleet actions though there is still support in some circles in the Centarum.

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