Ships Of The Colonial Fleet

Military Freighter

This military transport is larger and more durable than the Cylon counterpart due to it's common presense among battle fleets. These vessels are usually responsible for carrying spare armaments, fuel and parts, leaving more benign consumables for the civilian models purchased by the Colonial military.

Colonial Military Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 22, 2003

This ship is inspired from Bruce Rollin's awesome scratchbuilt model pictured above. This is not a canon ship and everything said above was invented by me.


The Viper is the primary space superiority fighter in the Colonial arsenal. While not quite as manoeuverable as the Cylon Raider, it can accelerate and decelerate more quickly giving the Viper the advantage of speed. These fighters are also atmospheric capable and are able to perform ground attacks as well. The biggest advantage to the Viper is the pilot. The Cylons are generally slower to react to the changing conditions of battle and to the sudden and unpredictible nature of human combat tactics. This gives the Viper a significant advantage which is needed since the Colonial pilots are typically outnumbered when the Cylons attack.

A two-seat variant of the standard Viper has also been developed for special missions. The warrior that sits in the rear seat can guide bombs or missiles to their targets, operate specialized sensors for survey missions or many other specialized functions depending on the task at hand and on how the Viper is equipped.

Rules: Vipers have 10 standard thrust points which may be used normally and they have 4 additional thrust points which may be used only for acceleration (Turbos) or deceleration (Braking Flaps).

Colonial Viper Medium Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 23, 2003

Colonial Viper Medium Fighter One Hit - One Kill SCS - Updated Oct 23, 2003

Colonial 2-Seat Viper Medium Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 23, 2003

The Viper is a well established fighter in Battlestar Galactica. Most of the information above is derived from observing how the ships perform in the show and while there is no specific canon evidence to support the manoeuverability issue, there is plenty of evidence on the screen. The two-seat Viper appeared in Galactica 1980 and there really isn't much information as to what the back seat is really for other than to give the people the Galacticans pick up on Earth a window.

6th Millenium Fighter

During the early part of the war with the Cylons, the Scorpion; now referred to as a 6th Millenium Fighter, was the space superiority fighter of choice for the Colonial Military. It was a significant improvement over the pre-war models and was more than a match for the Cylon fighters at the time. Most Colonial pilots today have only read about these fighters though several exist in private collections and are even still flown in some of the more obscure territories.

Rules: 6th Millenium Fighters have 10 standard thrust points which may be used normally and they have 2 additional thrust points which may be used only for acceleration (Turbos) or deceleration (Braking Flaps).

Colonial 6th Millenium Medium Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 22, 2003

The 6th Millenium Fighter is a canon fighter and appeared in the episode The Long Patrol. It was clearly an old fighter design and a predecessor to the Viper though there is little official information about this ship.


Small and fast, the Ranger is one of the most common escorts found in a Colonial fleet. Their many uses include short range scouting, blockade running and anti-fighter screening for larger vessels. These ships have proven their durability and usefulness time and again throughout the war with the Cylons.

Colonial Ranger SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Ranger is my own design as there is no canon information regarding other ships the Colonials field though we do know they had fleets of upwards of 600 ships according to Kronus's dialogue in Take the Celestra.


An escort that found its peak of use in the middle of the war, the Warden is a capable warship used to support the moderate sized ships in combat. Its design was not well liked because it does not have any particular strengths. It was neither a close escort, nor a specialized fire support ship, however its sturdy design has proven itself to be very dependable and its effectiveness predictable in a variety of situations.

Colonial Warden SCS - Updated Nov 20, 2003

The Warden is my own design and is not canon.


Specializing in long-range scouting expeditions, the Colonial Searcher posesses most advanced sensor system the Colonials have ever created. With additional sensor support provided by it's Telview Extensions, this ship's capability to map star systems is beyond any other known vessel.

Colonial Searcher SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

Though this ship is not canon in any way it is known that the Colonials do perform deep space exploration according to dialogue in Saga Of A Star World. (SCS is coming soon)

Electronics Ship

The Electronics Ship is primarily a fleet support ship providing additional targeting data and defensive electronic interference. Though these types of ships are capable of providing additional fire support by loading the ship with missiles rather than sensor equipment, most commanders see this as a waste of their ELINT capabilities and is rarely seen.

Colonial Electronics Ship SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

This ship is designed off the Celestra from the episode Take The Celestra! The weaponry it has is taken directly from a technical readout displayed in a shuttle and since the ship has been commanded by a former Battlestar Commander, Kronus, it can be inferred that this is a military ship.


Mostly relegated to in-system and shipping lane patrol duty, the Colonial Guardian is usually the first line of defense against suprise attacks. Though they are not designed for prolonged combat, their speed gives them the ability to escape all but the fastest Cylon ships. In fleet actions they are typically used as fast destroyers, hunting targets alone or in packs.

Colonial Guardian SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Guardian is my own design and is not canon in any way.


Few ships in the Colonial navy have served more roles that the Guardsman. Originally a battlecruiser, strong enough to stand up to the mightiest Cylon warships of the day, it's final role as it nears extinction is that of a patroller, protecting cargo vessels from outlaw traffic. The ship is historically notable because it was the first vessel to carry the Mega Metron Missile launcher. This weapon system kept it as a valued escort ship even after the development of the more advanced Guardian.

Colonial Guardsman SCS - Updated Nov 4, 2003

The Guardsman is my own design and is not canon in any way.


The Colonial Defender is an escort cruiser first and foremost. It is almost always used to protect larger vessels by either being a screen against incoming fighters or as a fast attack vessel against the smaller vessels in the Cylon fleet. Defenders are not designed for prolonged missions and the constant strain of battle readiness that is kept on board at all times means their crews rotate more often than any other type of ship in the Colonial fleet.

Colonial Defender SCS - Updated Jan 31, 2001

The Defender is my own design and is not canon in any way.


The Colonial Protector is the main line heavy cruiser of the Colonial fleet. A flexible design, the protector is used in many roles including fleet support, star exploration and system defense. These ships are often found escorting the larger ships or in command of smaller battlegroups. Originally designed for the protection of star systems and escort duties, they excell in performing quick strikes against Cylon outposts. Its complement of fighters in addition to it's impressive firepower makes the protector class vessels one of the most well rounded ships in the Colonial Fleet.

Colonial Protector SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Protector is my own design as there is no canon information regarding other ships the Colonials field though we do know they had fleets of upwards of 600 ships according to Kronus's dialogue in Take the Celestra.


Developed in the early part of the war with the Cylons, the Battlenova was to be an ultimate weapon. It was designed to wade into the middle of an opposing Cylon force and deal out destruction on a massive scale. This dreadnought saw many upgrades throughout the war and though it was hoped it would end the war for the Colonies, for a time it did turn the tide against the Cylons. As fighters and Base Stars became a much more prominent force on the battlefield, it's effectiveness began to degrade and spurred the Saggitara shipyards to begin development on the Base Star Destroyer and other support vessels for the mighty Battlestars.

Colonial Battlenova SCS (early war version) - Updated Oct 16, 2003

Colonial Battlenova SCS (late war version) - Updated Oct 17, 2003

The battlenova is my own design and is not canon.

Base Star Destroyer

During its inception, the Base Star Destroyer (commonly truncated to simply "Destroyer") was a departure from standard Colonial design philosophy. This ship's single minded purpose was to destroy the larger ships in the Cylon fleet. Carrying more forward firing heavy firepower than even the great Battlestars, this design carries only a limited number of fighter craft and has minimal defensive turbolaser turrets. Even though it has not been in Colonial service very long, it has received many upgrades since the original prototype launched from the shipyards at Saggitara. The latest of the variants incorporates weapon technology stolen from the Cylons and mounts four Mega-Pulsars as its primary armament.

Colonial (Base Star) Destroyer SCS - Updated Jun 18, 2002

The Base Star Destroyer is derived directly from the Tiger Class Destroyer found on Brandon Bray's incredible site: Battlestar Galactica Tech-Manual and is not canon.


Originally designed to fulfill the role now occupied by the Battlestar, the Gunstar became too small for the needs of the Colonial military. It is still considered to be capable of commanding task forces and is a good stand-in when a Battlestar is unavailable.

Colonial Gunstar SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

This ship was designed by James Stevenson who runs the awesome Starship Schematic Database website. This is his design and not canon.


The Colonial assaultstar is the largest class of planetary assault ships the Colonials operate. Armed with three racks of Mega Metron Bombs and four Megatron Torpedo launchers, it is well suited to attack both large and small planetary targets. Almost the size of a battlestar, this ship is capable of carrying a full two divisions of troops, armor and artillery. An unusual design, this ship's asymetric shape keeps its bomb racks away from vital areas, and in the event of an explosion, directs the blast away from the ship.

Rules: Should a Mega Metron Bomb rack explode, remove the Port side applying no further damage to the ship and immediately move the ship one hex to the forward starboard.

Colonial Assaultstar SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Assaultstar is my own design and is not canon.


The largest warship the Colonials field, battlestars perform the roles of both battleship and carrier. These immense craft are over a mile long and some have survived for 500 yahren or more. While the number of these vessels still operating is still a military secret, just a few of them in one place is an extremely formidable force. Base Star commanders think twice about attacking a battlestar without reinforcements.

Colonial Battlestar SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

Colonial Battlestar Fleet Action SCS - Updated May 31, 2001

There isn't any canon evidence that battlestars are the largest ship the colonials have in their fleet and the size is often disputed so I'm going with what I believe.

Vigilant Orbital Satellite

The Vigilant is the standard orbital satellite used by the Colonial forces. The oldest version still in use mounts a pair of Megatron Torpedo launchers which in later models have been replaced by a Solenite Missile launcher, Telview Extension Pods, or the newest with Heavy Pulsar Lasers. The secondary weapons remain relatively unchanged for millenia. These OSATs are unmanned and are usually controlled by a small outpost on the planet or by orbital units.

Colonial Vigilant OSAT SCS - Updated Jan 2, 2011

The Vigilant is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.

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