Here is a gamebox for Battlestar Galactica Wars for use with Cyberboard

BGWars Gamebox

Here is a scenario file for the Ambush at Cimtar scenario, also presented below, for the ambitious players out there

BGWars Gamebox

Ambush At Cimtar Text

The Galaxy map below has all the jumproutes, planets and racial domains in the Babylon 5 Wars game set on a hex grid. It was originally based off of a similar colorful map found by Alex Roberts.

Galaxy Map in GIF Format (1.1 MB)

Master Galaxy Map

Hex Maps in PDF Format

The maps below were heavily modified, to the point where I practically rebuilt them entirely, from one I think I downloaded from Richard Bax's website, if it still exists. Anyway, there are four files that when printed out on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and pieced together will create a half-size tournament map of 1/2 inch hexes.

There is also a file that will print out a full map onto a single sheet, though the hexes are really, really small. Enjoy!

Tournament Map File #1

Tournament Map File #2

Tournament Map File #3

Tournament Map File #4

Tournament Map Small

All Maps In A Zip File

Counters in PDF Format

Not made yet but when I get a chance I'll make usable counters for these maps.

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