Ships Of The Cylon Alliance


The Cylon Tanker is the primary auxillary craft used to refuel warships. The storage compartments are easily converted and serve as the Cylon's primary freighter as well. These vessels are sometimes used to extend the range of fighters to perform long range strikes while their base ships engage other targets. A single tanker and freighter can refuel and arm nearly a thousand fighters.

Cylon Freighter SCS --Updated Jan 17, 2001

Cylon Tanker SCS --Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Cylon Tanker and Freighter are seen in several episodes including Saga Of A Star World where two of them were used to refuel and arm the thousand fighters that attacked and destroyed the Battlestars at the peace conference. Since they used the same miniature for both the tanker and freighter, it stands to reason that they can be converted to carry fuel or cargo. Special thanks to Jim Creveling who's model is pictured above (I hope you don't mind).


The Cylon Raider is a multi-role fighter-bomber that the Cylons use almost exclusively. While it is not as fast nor as well armored as the Colonial Viper, it is very manoeuverable and can carry a heavy payload of bombs. Raiders are operated by three Cylons performing the roles of Pilot, Weapon Controller and Commander. Sometimes Raiders are loaded with explosives and given specific instructions to kamikaze into the landing bays and other critical areas of ships to cause as much damage as possible. Death Squadrons such as these are the bane of any Colonial Commander.

Rules: All Cylon Raiders have a navigator with appropriate abilities and bonuses. For every 8 full flights of Raiders purchased, one flight may be converted into a Deathsquadron at the cost of 20 points per fighter. All fighters in the flight must be converted and Deathsquadron units are considered to have double their ramming factor and will always do maximum damage on a successful ram.

Cylon RaiderHeavy Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 23, 2003

Cylon RaiderHeavy Fighter One Hit - One Kill SCS - Updated Oct 23, 2003

The Cylon Raider is a well established ship in the show and it is known they carry bombs. Death Squadrons were shown in Saga Of A Star World as one was targeted specifically against the Atlantia. The jobs of the three Cylons in the cockpit isn't truly canon but there is enough evidence in the show that supports the roles I've presented above. Speed, manoeuverability and amounts of Armor are based on observational data and is not necessarily canon information either.


The Prowler is the Cylon's answer to the Colonial Viper. Little more than a stripped down Raider, it is a significant improvement as a space superiority fighter. With only a pilot and a gunner combined with the sole mission of destroying colonial fighters, much of the inefficiency of the 3 Cylon crew are alleviated resulting in a much more dangerous craft.

Cylon Prowler Medium Fighter SCS - Updated Oct 22, 2003

This ship was designed by James Stevenson who runs the awesome Starship Schematic Database website. This is his design and not canon.


The Cylon Marauder is a recent addition to the Cylon arsenal. Its fearsome array of weapons and heavy armor make it the largest fighter operated by the Cylons or the Colonials. Sometimes called an A/B fighter or simply an Attacker, this fighters purpose is clearly that of a heavy bomber. Unlike the Raider, this unit is operated by six Cylons. Four Centurions pilot the ship and operate the weapons and two highly advanced Cylons, of a type not previously encountered by the Colonials, work together as Commander and sensor operator.

Rules: All Cylon Marauders have a navigator with appropriate abilities and bonuses.

Cylon MarauderSuper Heavy Fighter SCS - Updated Jun 18, 2002

The Cylon Marauder appeared in Galactica 1980 in an episode called "The Night The Cylons Landed." It was not given a name in the series so I made up the name Marauder but the size and firepower of the ship clearly indicated that it was much larger than the regular fighters seen in the show. The schematic diagram on the SCS itself comes from Jim Stevenson's excellent site Starship Schematics Page

Assault Craft

During the subjugation of a world, the Cylon Assault Craft are typically brought in after the planetary defenses have been minimized. Capable of carrying mechanized armor or a cohort of Centurions, these craft can quickly move legions of Centurions and their equipment anywhere on a planet.

Cylon Assault Craft SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Assault Craft is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


The Watcher is used almost exclusively as a long range scout and sensor support vessel for base ships. Heavily armed for this type of role, it is capable of quickly dispatchingsmall ships it may encounter before any significant forces are alerted. An upgraded version with a hyperdrive is also known to exist.

Cylon Watcher SCS - Updated Jan 31, 2001

Cylon Watcher SCS (with hyperdrive) - Updated Oct 16, 2003

The Watcher is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


A relatively new design, the Deceiver is a related design to the tanker and freighter but designed to carry the newly developed Mask Generator. It's sole purpose is to generate clouds of sensor absorbat/dispersing mist that are used as a smokescreen to hide an ambush force. Many analysts believe the downfall of the Colonies were greatly attributed to the development of this ship.

Cylon Deceiver SCS - Updated Oct 16, 2003

The Deceiver is my own design and everything said above was invented by me, however there was a strange mist that obscured the Cylon attack force at Cimtar during the pilot episode "Saga of a Star World."


The Cylon Skirmisher is the fastest vessel in the Cylon fleet. Used as a fast attack vessel, it carries the newest weapon in the Cylon arsenal: the turbopulsar cannon. This weapon is ideally suited to the hit and run tactics this vessel is specialized to perform as it can rapidly discharge many high powered laser torpedoes before needing to rearm.

Cylon Skirmisher SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Skirmisher is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


One of the smallest escorts in the Cylon fleet, the Striker has been an effective and efficient design. These vessels are very common because they are cheap to produce and pack a punch with its linked mega-lasers and are a threat to any unwary fighter pilots as well. Fortunately for the Colonials, these ships aren't often found near Base Stars as their commanders are often too arrogant to acknowledge the need for such small escorts.

Cylon Striker SCS - Updated Nov 17, 2003

The Striker is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


The Intruder is one of the oldest vessels the Cylons are known to operate. First encountered during the liberation of the Hasaris, this ship at that time was a front line cruiser with a sensor system far ahead of its time. Primarily an escort vessel now, over the yahren the design has been modified many times as its role changed. Reaching the limits of it's operational lifespan, it is believed the Cylons will soon drop the design as more of the newer vessels are brought into service.

Cylon Intruder SCS - Updated Jan 17, 2001

The Intruder is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


One of the newest Cylon escorts, the Invader is a well rounded design for anti-fighter duties and hunting the smaller Colonial escorts. Some believe the Cylons are departing from their typical design philosophy with sleek and fast designs such as this but there is little evidence in the field that this is the case.

Cylon Invader SCS - Updated Sept 8, 2012

The Invader is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


As with the Intruder, the Punisher is an ancient design that predates the thousand yahren war and was likewise first encountered during the liberation of the Hasaris. In its day, the Punisher carried with it the same fear and awe that the mighty Base Stars have today. At this point, the design has been pushed to it's limit with no further updates or upgrades possible, and the ones still in service are most often found performing auxillary roles as it becomes less and less capable in the modern Cylon military.

Cylon Punisher SCS - Updated Oct 16, 2003

The Punisher is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


The Dominator is the main battlecruiser of the Cylon military. It's fearsome array of Mega-Pulsars and batteries of linked Mega-Lasers can quickly reduce even the largest ship to debris. This ship has few weaknesses as many Colonial Warriors can attest.

Cylon Dominator SCS - Updated Jan 2, 2011

The Dominator is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


The Cylon Devastator is designed to be a planetary bombardment ship supporting Base Stars as they land and unleash their ground assault. Hovering in orbit, it uses its three massive mega-pulsars to flatten cities and penetrate the most protected targets. Since the Devastator has a specialized function it has minimal defensive turrets but if necessary, is capable of turning its main cannons on enemy vessels.

Rules: When the Devastator's Mega-Pulsars are used, a 120 degree arc must be chosen. All Mega-Pulsars used in that turn must use this arc due to the fixed emplacement of these weapons. Devastators follow the Vree ship layout rules with the exception that when the structure block is destroyed, all attached systems are also destroyed.

Cylon Devastator - Updated Jan 2, 2011

The Devastator is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.


The Cylon Imperator is a command vessel designed to coordinate and add tactical flexibility to large scale fleet actions. Typically commanded by IL series Cylons, these battle cruisers provide a task force with the ability to alter strategies and objectives once engaged in battle. In combat, Imperators usually try to stay at long range sniping at targets with its Mega-Pulsar and having its fighters providing a screen of protection. Commanding an Imperator is a sure way for an IL series Cylon to get promoted but few volunteer as it is a very hazardous position.

Cylon Imperator SCS - Updated Jan 2, 2011

The Imperator is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.

War Star

War Stars are the preferred ships for performing initial asessments ofsystems to be invaded, system and supply line defense and small colony takeoveroperations. These ships don't carry nearly as many fighters or weapons asa Base Star but they are more manoeuverable and can go from system to systemmore quickly. Not quite as glamorous as commanding a front line BaseStar, IL series and Command Cylons much prefer commanding a War Star to operating aplanetary base or lesser positions.

An apparent variant of the War Star, The Starpost, is sometimes found orbiting Cylon planets. It's role is usually that of an orbital supply transfer station and has much of the original hangar space converted into cargo bays. They are immobile but still carry an impressive amount of firepower leading to the belief they are also used as a part of a planetary defense network, or since they are small enough, perhaps towed to secret locations and used as listening posts.

Rules: War Stars follow the Vree ship layout rules with the exception that when the structure block is destroyed, all attached systems are also destroyed.

Cylon War Star SCS - Updated Mar 24, 2001

Cylon Starpost SCS - Updated Oct 16, 2003

The War Star is inspired from a readoutthat Apollo called up in Saga of a Star World when he and Zac detected aCylon freighter near the moon Cimtar and several ships flashed up on thescreen of the war book. The image that was displayed is similar to Ralph McQuarrie's concept illustration shown above. Everything said above is invented by me as there is no other official information regarding this vessel.

Base Star

The Cylon Base Star is by far the most common base ship the Cylons utilize.The gravitic drives on these massive vessels allow them to operate for longperiods of time without refueling and give them the capability of enteringatmospheres and even hovering very close to a planet's surface to hide orattack. A very versitile design, the Cylons have several variants of BaseStars that all mount impressive arrays of weaponry. Combined with it's abilityto carry hundreds of fighters, only a few of these orbital killers are requiredto subjugate entire worlds.

Rules: Base Stars follow the Vree ship layout rules with the exception that when the structure block is destroyed, all attached systems are also destroyed.

CylonBase Star SCS - Updated Jan 31, 2001

Cylon Base Star - Missile Variant SCS - Updated Aug 8, 2001

Cylon Base Star Fleet Action SCS - Updated June 15, 2001

It is generally agreed that the CylonBase Stars use gravitic propulsion but there is no canon source that specificallysays so. There is also no information regarding the fuel consuption ratesof these ships or any other such statistics. Going into the atmosphere ofa planet is demonstrated however in Saga of a Star World when the ImperiousLeader orders his Base Star close to the surface of Carillon.

Super Base Star

The Super Base Star (sometimes called a Devistar) is by far the largestvessel the Cylons have ever created. Over 8 miles across, it dwarfs themighty Base Stars which typically hover nearby. It is not known exactlyhow this ship travels from one star system to another, only that a temporarystructure is built around it that gives it the capability to do so. It isalso unknown what purpose it serves since it is only brought into systemsthat have already been conquered. Some speculate that it houses the lastof the true living Cylons, others believe it to be simply a base of operationsand a mobile supply outpost.

Rules: Super Base Stars follow the Vree ship layout rules with the exception that when the structure block is destroyed, all attached systems are also destroyed.

Cylon Super Base Star SCS - Updated Jan 31, 2001

Cylon Teleportation Ring SCS - Updated Apr 12, 2001

The Super Base Star is derived fromimages from Richard Hatch's Second Coming trailer and from Ralph McQuarrie'sconcept illustrations (see War Star). There is no canon information regarding this vesseland everything said above is invented by me.

Berserker Orbital Satellite

The Berserker is the standard orbital satellite used by the Cylon forces. The oldest version still in use mounts a pair of Megatron Torpedo launchers which in later models have been replaced by a Mega-Pulsar or a Solenite Missile launcher. The secondary weapons remain relatively unchanged for millenia though it is believed the earliest version carried a pair of Proton Energizers in place of the Mega-Lasers and the Megatron Torpedoes. These OSATs are unmanned and are usually controlled by a small outpost on the planet or by orbital units.

Cylon Berserker SCS - Updated Oct 16, 2003

The Berserker is my own design and everything said above was invented by me.

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